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Incamake y'uko bigenda

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BPR Atlasmara
RAB e-Portal
Ikigo cy'Ubuhinzi mu Rwanda

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Import permit - poultry

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Poultry import permit fee payment receipt
Application letter - poultry import
Icyemezo cy'inkomoko - ibitumizwa hanze
International veterinary health certificate - poultry import
Invoice - poultry import
Packing list - poultry import

Gereranya ikiguzi RWF  5,000

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  • RWF Add Name Here
RWF 5,000
poultry import permit application fee

Igihe cyose bimara 15mn - 1h. 15mn  expand_more expand_less

  Min. Max.
Igihe cyose bimara: 15mn 1h. 15mn
Gutegereza ku murongo: 0mn 40mn
Aho babariza: 15mn 35mn

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Law nº 54/2008 of 10/09/2008 determining the prevention and fight against contagious  diseases for domestic animals in Rwanda Itegeko Nº 54/2008 ryo kuwa 10/09/2008 rigenga uburyo bwo kwirinda no kurwanya indwara zanduza amatungo mu Rwanda
  ingingo 143, 144
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